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Welcome to Stirling Bagpipes!

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At 'Stirling Bagpipes' we manufacture and retail a wide range of high quality  bagpipes (Highland Bagpipes, Scottish smallpipes and border pipes). We are a family run business located in Stirling, central Scotland.

Of the various types of bagpipes that we sell the majority have been made by us so we can assure you of their high standard. Over the years we have also collected a wide range of antique bagpipes of classic makes, eg. Henderson, Glens, Lawries, Robertson, Starck that can be purchased from our store or from our website. Trade ins of second hand bagpipes are also welcome.

We also replace broken parts (see our section on repairs), do refurbishments and give valuations. In the making and repairing of bagpipes, we are also prepared to use appropriate woods & materials of the customer's choice.

We try to cater for everybody: individual players and pipe bands alike, regardless of which level of either playing ability you have or what interest in bagpipes you show. For instance, if you would like to learn to play bagpipes, why not browse through our collection of tutor books & cd's in stock? We also stock a wide selection of piping accessories eg. bagpipe covers and cords, reeds, synthetic and leather bags, drum sticks and much more...

As Stirling Bagpipes owner, I would like to guarantee to you that every single set of bagpipes and products we supply, will give you the opportunity of endless years of happy playing.



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