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3/4 size New Highland Bagpipes

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3/4 mounted imitation ivory Highland Bagpipe

Combed & beaded 3/4 African Blackwood set with imitation mounts, imitation ring caps and centre bush, nickel ferrules. Comes with a waxed or varnished finish. A fantastic set of smaller bagpipes! 
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3/4 plain turned Highland Bagpipe (antique style)

Plain turned bagpipes (Antique Style) with button mounts, nickel ferrules, ring caps and centre bushes. Made with choice pieces of African Blackwood. A great starter set for kids! 
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3/4 Polypenco plastic Highland Bagpipe

Plain turned plastic bagpipes in 'Antique Style' with button mounts and nickel ferrules. Ring caps and bushes in art' ivory. Budget set of pipes. This is great starter set! 
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