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Full size New Highland Bagpipes

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Coco bolo mounted Highland Bagpipe

Coco bolo mounted Highland Bagpipes with nickel or gold ferrules. 
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Combed and beaded highland bagpipes with amber mounts

Full size combed and beaded highland bagpipes with imitation amber mounts. In African Blackwood. Glossy varnished finish. 
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Full size Mopane Highland Bagpipe - sorry out of stock!

This model is made with mopane instead of blackwood, is button mounted and combed and beaded. The engraved, gold ferrules are an added option instead of nickel. Bushes and Ringcaps, shown here with blackwood, can also come in boxwood, gold plate or nick 
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Fully mounted imitation ivory Highland Bagpipe

Combed & beaded set with imitation ivory mounts,ringcaps and nickel ferrules. Options of a waxed or varnished finish. Our most decorated new set of bagpipes. Good price for a quality pipe band set. 
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Plain turned Highland Bagpipe - antique style

Antique style, African blackwood Highland bagpipe, plain-turned with imitation ivory ring caps and bushes and nickel ferrules. Our most popular set, suited to any teenage or adult beginners! 
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Plain turned Mopane Highland Bagpipe

This model is made with Mopane & is plain turned with button mounts. The ferrules are shown in solid nickel, but are also available in gold. 
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Plain turned Polypenco plastic highland bagpipe

This model is a full sized, plain turned bagpipe in antique style, with solid nickel ferrules (not plated) and nickel ringcaps. 
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Stirling Bagpipes Highland Bagpipe in Lignum Vitae

Stirling Bagpipes Highland Bagpipe in Lignum Vitae - the only set of bagpipes we know of in the world!With Coco Bolo mounts & bushes, nickel ferrules & ringcaps. 
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