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Drone reeds

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Bannatyne Power-Tone Drone Reeds

Bannatyne 'Power-Tone' Drone Reeds 
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Cane drone reeds - a set of three

Traditionally cane drone reeds were used in all sets of highland pipes. Nowadays most of band players prefer plastic ones. These fine cane drone reeds will give you a slightly smoother tone and are still used a lot by solo players. 
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Ezeedrone Bagpipe Drone Reeds

Ezeedrone Bagpipe Drone Reeds by Pipe Dreams. Contains set of 1 bass and 2 tenor drone reeds. Suitable for Highland Pipes, Scottish Small Pipes, Border Pipes & Uileann Pipes. 
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Neil Selbie drone reeds

Neil Selbie drone reeds. Selbie Imitation Cane Drone Reeds have been designed to provide the stability of a synthetic reed while providing the tonal qualities found in the finest cane reeds. 
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Redwood drone reeds

Redwood drone reeds are a cross-over between the traditional cane reeds and synthetic reeds. Each set of RedWood reeds are tested on several instruments in order to ensure compatibility with your bagpipe. 
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Ryan Canning Drone reeds

Ryan Canning's original set of drone reeds with a carbon fibre bass drone reed and two standard pitch tenor drone reeds. 
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