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Mouthpieces, Blowsticks & valves

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Big Bore Blowpipe

3/8" bore. Sturdy, replaceable built in valve. Turned from solid delrin for durable construction. This is not a moulded blowstick. Includes oval mouthpiece. Standard mouthpiece thead diameter, so your own mouthpiece can fit the blowpipe. 
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Plastic replacement Bagpipe Mouthpiece - Blowstick

Large bore round mouthpiece available in various lengths from 3"-7". This standard replacement Polypenco bagpipe mouthpiece is available in a range of lengths to suit most statures. Replace a mouthpiece that has been damaged, or choose a length to bett 
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Practice chanter mouthpiece

This standard replacement Polypenco mouthpiece will fit almost all practice chanter tops. Easily screwed off for regular cleaning. 
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