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LBPS The Wind in the BellowsLong blackwood practice chanter with pipe chanter finger spacing and nickel ferrule.

Light coloured sheepskin pipe bag
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Light coloured sheepskin pipe bag

Price per Unit (piece): £185.00
Weight: 0.51 kg

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Light coloured sheepskin pipe bag. The leather is alum-tanned and comes from Scandinavian sheep.

Both of our new sheepskin bags are getting good reviews. Some of our customers wrote to us recently and said the following:
'The pipe bag is fantastic.  I played at the solos in London a fortnight ago in the A grade MSR and A grade piobaireachd and was 2nd in both, pipes absolutely locked.  Also played in a hornpipe & jig and the Open piobaireachd and, despite playing for probably 3 hours throughout the day, moisture was never even a consideration'.
 J.Forrester, Scottish Power Pipe Band.


'Just letting you know, I got rid of the synthetic bag on my second set of pipes and tied in the bag I bought from you last year.

The bag is comfortable to play, air tight after some bag seasoning and sounds terrific. My daughter plays that, and I play the pipes with the dark tanned bag, which I bought from you as well, so together we have a great sound.

I will continue to get my sheep skin bags from you.'

Owen Capon - Your regular Australian customer June to Sept 2013.


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