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Bark tanned sheepskin pipe bag
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Bark tanned sheepskin pipe bag

Price per Unit (piece): £185.00
Weight: 0.51 kg

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Fully tanned sheepskin pipe bag. The sheepskin comes from Scandinavia. The leather is bark-tanned according to the James Robertson tanning technique of 1935.

Both of our new sheepskin bags are getting great reviews.

'I recently had a sheepskin bag supplied and tied in to my old Lawrie bagpipes by Alan Waldron of Stirling Bagpipes and I am finding it to be really excellent.

For many years I have been using a synthetic bag with modern day accoutrements, but reverting back to the sheepskin bag  has presented no problems with moisture. It is very comfortable under the arm and gives an extra dimension to the tone of the pipe which I noticed right away once I had struck up and tuned the drones. The bag is also super tight and rock solid under the arm and gives me a great deal of pleasure when playing.'

Andrew Wright, Dunblane, January 2014

'Just a wee note regarding the pipe bag I got from you the other day.  
I tied it in yesterday and I must say I am delighted with the performance of the bag.  I played it again this morning, and I can easily say that it is the best bag I’ve had in years, and I’ve had a few in my time, of all varieties.  Highly recommended.'
Hugh McCallum, Dunblane. (Piobaireachd judge)
'The pipe bag is fantastic.  I played at the solos in London a fortnight ago in the A grade MSR and A grade piobaireachd and was 2nd in both, pipes absolutely locked.  Also played in a hornpipe & jig and the Open piobaireachd and, despite playing for probably 3 hours throughout the day, moisture was never even a consideration'.
Jamie Forrester  (Grade 1 piper)

'Just letting you know, I got rid of the synthetic bag on my second set of pipes and tied in the bag I bought from you last year.

The bag is comfortable to play, air tight after some bag seasoning and sounds terrific. My daughter plays that, and I play the pipes with the dark tanned bag, which I bought from you as well, so together we have a great sound.

I will continue to get my sheep skin bags from you.'

Owen Capon - Your regular Australian customer June to Sept 2013.

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