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Pipe chanters

Below there is a selection of our new pipe chanters. We also have a massive range of old & very old pipe chanters in stock. Please contact us with any enquiries as to specific makes.

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Highland bagpipe pipe chanter Plastic Polypenco

A good quality plastic (polypenco)bagpipe chanter without sole. A real bargain! Ideal for pipe band members. 
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Highland bagpipe pipe chanter Plastic with imitation ivory sole

A good quality plastic (polypenco)bagpipe chanter. Perfectly suited for almost all types of reeds. 
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Pipe chanter Highland bagpipe pipe chanter in African Blackwood

A standard sized high quality wooden chanter. Popular amongst good solo players. Made from African blackwood. 
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Second hand Antique pipe chanter

We have got a wide selection of old & very old pipe chanters of different makes of the past century.Glen, Hardie, Henderson, Robertson, Grainger, Lawrie, Sinclair as well as more modern brands like Kintail, Warmac & Shepherd. 
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Sinclair wooden pipe chanter - sorry currently unavailable.

An excellent quality wooden chanter. A top of the range product. World renowned amongst solo players. 
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