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Pipe & practice chanters


We have a wide selection of pipe & practice chanters. Our chanters are made from either African Blackwood or Delrin (Plastic). Additionally pipe chanters are also available in mopane.

Practice chanters come in 3 sizes: kids, standard & long. Kids size chanters are suitable for children up to 9/10 years old. Standard size practice chanters are used by 90% of adult players. Long sized practice chanters are designed for players with larger fingers and wider spacing.

Highland bagpipe chanters come in one size. In store there is also a wide range of used pipe chanters dating from 1870 up to a few months old! The famous makes of old, Glens, Lawries, Henderson, Robertsons & Sinclairs to more recent brands like Hardies, Warnock, Warmac & Shepherds. Please contact us to see what we have currently available.

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