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Falk watertrap
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Falk watertrap

Price per Unit (piece): £65.00
Weight: 0.50 kg

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The Falk-Watertrap was developed more than 20 years ago especially for leather bags. Falk Watertraps can naturally also be used just as well for synthetic or combined bags. It is so easy to use that you will frequently forget to empty it. It is precisely for this reason that the aluminium case is so long. There are no moveable or wearing parts so the watertrap always works.

The Falk-Watertrap can stay in leather bags without zippers and without having to be dismantled for many years. Some Falk-Watertraps have been in use reliably for as long as 10 years without being cleaned or dismantled.

To prevent lime deposits, the Falk-Watertrap should not be dried. In addition, the aluminium case most certainly prevents the formation of mould. Leftovers of food also do not reach the bag. The water rinses them out again when the water is poured out. It is a self-cleaning system.

The Falk-Watertrap is suitable for all types of Bagpipes

It is not necessary for the bag to have a zip

Unrestricted blowing and even pressure ensures a good sound

No change to the external looks of the Bagpipe

The exhaled air is dried up before it enters the bag

Chanter- and drone-reeds stay dry for playing 2 – 3 hours

No chemicals, no gel, no sponge:

Turbulence dries the air

Unique technology, no fall of pressure by blowing

Simple assembly, maintenance free,

it is the only self-cleaning system in the world!

Build up of mould is reduced

Simple to use: Condensed water comes out through the blow stock

Very long life - 5 years guarantee

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