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The McKerrell/MacDonald Collection of Bagpipe MusicThe Moidart Collection 2 - An Dara Ceud (The Second Hundred) by Allan MacDonald (book & CD)

The Moidart Collection - A Cheud ceud (The First Hundred) by Allan MacDonald  book & CD
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The Moidart Collection - A Cheud ceud (The First Hundred) by Allan MacDonald book & CD

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A Cheud Ceud (The First Hundred) by Allan MacDonald. This is the third edition of The Moidart Collection since its first publication in 1989. This time a CD of the tunes has been recorded to accompany the book.

"The Collection contains 51 traditional tunes from Scotland, Ireland and Shetland and 48 twentieth century compositions, 31 of which are my own. It is very much a personal collection so does not include tunes which I do not play myself."....Allan MacDonald


Better Lose than Surrender
Camus Croise
Ciamar a tha thu?
Cion a' Bhuntata
Duncan Henderson, Newton
Earl of Errol
Feis Bharraidh
Johnny MacKinnon, Arasaig
Mal Na Mara
Morag Leat Shiubhlainn
Mrs. MacDonald, Glenuig
My Home Town
Oran Cogaidh
Pipe Major Angus MacDonald
Pipe Major Jim Christie of Wick
Shores of Lough Leanne
The Honeymoon
The Lorient Macalish
Buntata's Sgadan
Chur I 'Gluin Air a Bhodach
Crann Tara
Na Garbh Chriochan
Sabhal Mor Ostaig
An Drochaid Chliuteach
Archie Kenneth
Barr na Tonn
Bonnie Isle of Whalsay
Bowmore Reel
Buntata's Sgadan
Caolas a Bhogadain
Chase the Train
Dannsa na Neapaig
Dowd's Reel
Easy Club
Gravel Walks
Green Groves of Erin
If I get a Bonnie Lass
In and out the Harbour
Jenny tied the Bonnet Tight
McFadden's Reel
Merry Boys of Greenland
Mhic A Whaler, Cuidich Mi
Mrs. Martha Knowles
Na Goisidich
Och is Duine Traugh Mi
Oot B'Est Da Vong
Pitnacree Ferryman
Quirang Quickstep
Rip the Calico
Ruidhleadh Cailleach
Screapadal Schottishe
Silver Spire
Swallow's Tail
Tar the House
The Champagne Breakfast
The Plagiarists Reel
The Silver Spear
The Successful Lover
The Travelers
The Youngest Daughter
Woman of the House
Calliope House
De'n t-Ainm a Th'Air?
Drum Major Geordie Moulding
MacKenna's Jig
Maol Donaidh
Rocking the Baby
The Boys of Ballymote
The Coldar Snoib and Dubh Ramh
The Handshaker
The Travers
An Eala Bhan
An Mhaighdean Mhara
Ar Eireann Ni 'Neosainn Ce Hi
Ceann Loch and Duin
Cha tig Mor mo Bhean Dhachaidh
Cliffs of Doneen
Da Bride is a Bonnie Thing
Farewell my Love
House in St. Peters
Last Rose of Summer
Mi Le m'Uilinn Air Mo Ghluin
Miss MacLellan of Tigh-a-Ghearraidh
Oran Arasaig
Oran Eirisgeidh
Oran Mor MhicLeoid
Tugainn Leamsa's Dean Cabhaig
Unst Bridal March
Sonny's Mazurka
Viennese Waltz
Fag a Phiob Bhochd
Tommy Hunt's
Lament for Roderick MacDonald

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