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A Few Tunes and Mair by Ian and Gordon DuncanA Piper's Legacy - Stirring Melodies for the highland Bagpipe composed by PM Bert Barron

A New Way to Melrose
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A New Way to Melrose

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A New Way to Melrose - A Selection of Tunes from around the World:  For some fifteen years The Lowland and Border Pipers' Society has been holding teaching weekends at Melrose and some of the tunes taught there form the basis for this book hence its title 'A New Way to Melrose'. Since the Highland and the Border repertoires are already well represented in other publications, they are excluded from the scope of this book. What the book does is present tunes from Scandanavia to Shetland, from Quebec to Galicia and Brittany and a whole lot more; 142 tunes in all, arranged for Scottish Smallpipes and Border Pipes. An excellent addition to the Smallpipes tune book repertoire.

Paperback: 54 pages with notes on the tunes.

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